Video de hoy

Erick Sermon’s in the house
Let’s get up let’s get down
Roll wit the hardcore funk the hardcore sound
Let’s get wit this mackadocious funk material
So simple when I rock wit the instrumental
Who am I (E D the Green Eyed Bandit)
Control my career so I can never get stranded
But the rest are gettin Brand Nubian
Changed up they style from jeans to suits and
Thinkin about a pop record somethin made for the station
For a whole new relation-
ship of a new type of scene
To go platinum and clock mad green
AKA, a sellout, the rap definition
Get off that boy, change your mission
Come back around the block
Pump Color Me Badd to the ah, tick tock
Let them know your logo, not a black thing
My background sing, my background sing for the crossover
The Crossover
The rap era’s outta control, brother’s sellin their soul
To go gold, going, going, gone, another rapper sold
(To who) To pop and R&B, not the MD
I’m strictly hip-hop, I’ll stick to Kid Capri
Funk mode, yea, kid, that’s how the Squad rolls
I know your head is bobbin cuz the neck knows
(Not like other rappers) frontin on they fans, the ill
Trying to chill, saying “damn, it be great to sell a mill”
Thats when the mind switch to the pop tip
(Kid, you’re gonna be large)
Yea right, that’s what the company kicks
Forget the black crowds, you’re wack now
In a zoot suit, frontin black lookin mad foul
I speak for the hardcore (ruff, rugged and raw)
I’m outta here, catch me chillin on my next tour
From the US to the white cliffs of Dover
Strictly underground funk, keep the crossover
The crossover
(Erick Sermon)
(So what cha sayin) You wanna go pop goes the weasel
You know you should be rocking the fans wit something diezel
But you insist to piss me off black
So I flex the biceps so I can push em back
So real hardcore hip-hop continue wreck it
And all sucker MC’s duck down and get the message
So ban the crossover, yo, who’s wit me
(Hit Squad) yea, P, hit me
Another megablast, funky dope style from cross yonder
(So help me Rhonda, help, help me Rhonda)
(Yo, from what) the crossover, yea crossing you over
Outta here, gone, peace, nice to know ya (see ya)
What a way to go out, no clout is what the fans will shout
Cuz you got gassed and took the wrong route
Came on the scene, chillin, freakin a funky dope line
But when they finish wit you (beep) flatline
Some say there’s no business like show business
But if this the truth, please explain why is this
Rappers been around long, makin mad noise you see
Still I haven’t seen one rapper livin comfortably
No time to pick and wish on a four leaf clover
I stick to underground, keep the crossover
The crossover


Mas p.r.d

andres-dauhajre-hijo1alburqueque1Si alguien se atreve a olvidar  estas caras,los que junto a balaguer nos trasladaron a muchos anos de ignorancia ,gracias por haber salido del poder y que hoy y manana quede claro ,no volveran ,hatueyporque los que ayer eran ninos que sonaban con las cosas que veiamos en la television hoy somos hombres que utilizaremos todos los medios pacificos a nuestro poder para evitar su retorno .


prd2A unas horas de haber concluido el discurso del presidente Fernadez los diferentes blogs se colmaron de diferentes opiniones,muchos de manera negativa como era de esperarse ya que el presidente no les dio lo que ellos querian, mas impuestos

SI,asi mismo como suena los perredeistas querian mas impuestos ,para criticar por lo menos 7 meses al gobierno ,que by the way no es que el pueblo esta muy contento con esto de la violencia ,pero bueno eso es otra cosa ,en resumidas cuentas no le salio ,no le dieron tela por donde cortar,,,por ahora…..


i was having issues with the blog,,parece que se terminaron y a escribir como un loco ahora….mas tarde tengo algo para el p.r.d

Quien es el enemigo?

india-lede3Todos nos dimos cuenta una vez mas quien es  el verdadero enemigo del mundo ,aquellos que no sienten nada por la raza humana ,quienes cada dia que pasa matan mas y mas inocentes ,aquellos que se disfrazan de victimas de guerras ,son esos los que hoy cometen unos de los ultimos actos terroristas alos que ya nos tienen acostumbrados ,hoy al momento de escribir suman 82 victimas ,y yo me pregunto una vez mas quien es el enemigo?hoy fue en la india,manana puede ser en nuestro pais ,que de una vez y por todas comprendamos que los terroristas no ven la vida como un regalo de Dios y que nunca seremos iguales, que sus dias estaran contados ,que es mentira que se apoderaran del mundo .que hoy los que se esconden manana seran encontrados y pagaran uno por uno todos sus errores

no entiendo


el video de hoy

So much trouble
Hate this job
Tried to get out
Trapped like a dog
No, I don’t like 
Pumpin’ gas
Do ya hate to wait?

Life’s a game
We play your rules
Bottle half empty
Or the bottle half full
It does no good
No good to shout
But I scream I hate

Say I’m hostile
Gotta relax
Gotta get a grip
Here’s the facts
I hate bein’ here

I hate people that make you feel small
I hate having my back against the wall
You know, I hate being talked down to

I hate your rules
I hate ‘em all
Hate being marked to take the fall

Planet’s not big enough for me and you

So much trouble
Over me
Surrounded by jerks
Can’t ya see?
Smile to my face
I know you lie
Knife in the back

Another game
Rules, rules, rules
Not for me
Ya fuckin’ fool
Open your mouth
Just one more time
And my foot’s goin’ down

In one ear
Out the other
A waste of time
Don’t even bother
I hate being here

I hate people that make you feel small
I hate having my back against the wall
You know, I hate being talked down to

I hate your rules
I hate ‘em all
Hate being marked to take the fall

Planet’s not big enough for me and you
But most of all
I hate you… 

YOU! I hate you
YOU! I hate you
I hate, I hate, I hate, I hate you